VisitAberdeenshire / Damian Shields

Top Tips - How to make the most of VisitScotland Connect 2024 

  • Bring your own water bottle - as with all travel trade events, we know there will be a lot of talking. Water coolers are available  along the perimeters of the workshop area. Tea and coffee will be supplied at break times only in the networking area.  

  • All appointments are business meetings so prepare thoroughly and dress accordingly. 

  • Research the Buyers in advance of the live event - who is the best fit for the consumer that is right for your business?  Be prepared and put time aside as soon as the Meeting Diary becomes available to ensure you are maximising the opportunity this event offers, and you head into the event with plenty of pre-arranged appointments. There will be opportunity to meet more Buyers at breaks and lunch, however, arranged appointments are vital for a successful event.  

  • Please remember to mute your mobile phone during appointments.  

  • Use the first couple of minutes of your appointment as your introduction and allow 3-4 minutes at the end of the 12-minute meeting to summarise the discussion and next steps. Prepare an “Elevator Pitch” about your product or service and, after the event, make time for prompt personal follow-ups. More information on how to get your business pitch ready can be found on our event website. Make sure you have your trade rates ready for the 2024 and 2025 seasons. Some Buyers might even be looking at 2026! 

  • Try to stay focused and bring any wider discussion around Covid-19 recovery, EU Exit or other global challenges back to speaking about your own product or service offering.   

  • Remember Buyers are looking for reassurance that your product is of a high quality. You will be looking after their clients, so they will be looking for quality and reassurance that you can deliver this. It is vital that you deliver on those reassurances to build the relationship with the Buyers for continued future business. 

  •  Do not be disappointed if the Buyer you are speaking to is not yet ready to immediately contract your product for the 2024 or 2025 season. Do not underestimate the opportunity of “touching base” conversations – relationship building is the core of future collaboration.