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Supplier FAQs

If your question cannot be answered by these FAQs, please contact the VisitScotland Connect 2024 Team and a member of the team will be happy to assist.

Event Registration

When does the event take place?

VisitScotland Connect 2024 will be taking place at the P&J Live Aberdeen on April 17 and 18. 

  • Wednesday, April 17 from 09:00-17:00 BST 

  • Thursday, April 18 from 09:00-15:30 BST 

How much does it cost to attend?

Standard attendance fee for Scottish tourism businesses to join VisitScotland Connect 2024 is £1,880 +VAT and includes:

  • Meeting table and chairs
  • Strictly up to two (2) Supplier passes
  • Table cloth
  • Table signage
  • Access to one (1) Meeting Diary to arrange meetings with international and UK Buyers

Please note: Access to the Meeting Diary will only be made available to businesses that have paid in full in line with payment terms and conditions.

How do I register?

Scottish Suppliers are invited to apply for a space via the registration link on our event website. All registrations are subject to approval by VisitScotland. We aim to approve applications within 5 working days.

We have now reached Supplier capacity for the event. Any new applications to attend the event are placed on a waitlist. (1 March)

Who can take part in this event?

Scottish tourism businesses that are offering a tourism product that can be contracted at trade rates. Eligible businesses must either be based in Scotland or have a Scottish office. They will also need to have staff at hand that is experienced in working with UK and international trade Buyers, and have a listing on

DMOs and local authorities interested in registering will need to have staff that are experienced in working with UK and international travel trade and can fully represent the destination. Eligible DMOs will need to be up-to-date with their region and businesses who are trade-ready and be fully prepared to engage with Buyers to help develop relevant programmes for the Buyers' clients for the regions.

We anticipate a high level of interest in this event and ask Scottish Suppliers to apply early to secure their space. 

All Buyers are subject to approval by our market teams. Criteria for Buyer attendance is that they are a contractor or product developer.  

Why should my business consider taking part in this event?

In 2022, international visitors accounted for 3.2 million visits to Scotland and over £3 million in spend. The domestic market brings a further 13.6 million overnight visits and £2.9 million in spend (Apr-Dec 2021). While post-pandemic recovery of the domestic market is strong, UK visitors stay for shorter periods of time and spend less on average than an international visitor. 

It is advisable to consider working with different routes to market as over 50% of overseas visitors book their leisure holidays through an intermediary channel, e. g. an OTA, high street tour operator, travel agent or advisor. Having a mix of revenue streams is good business practice as it ensures that you are less vulnerable to economic fluctuation. 

There are a number of benefits of working with the domestic and international travel trade:

  • Visitor management throughout the year can be improved
  • Lesser-known attractions and products can be promoted more easily
  • Business is contracted up to 24 months in advance of a visitor arriving into Scotland. 

VisitScotland Connect provides a one-stop opportunity to engage with travel trade representatives from domestic and international visitor markets, build business relationships with new and existing contacts and grow your business via intermediary channels.

What if my business is new to working with travel trade and has never attended a B2B event before?

Please reach out to your Industry Relationship Manager or contact We are happy to schedule a phone call and discuss any questions you may have before embarking on your travel trade journey.

What if I don't qualify to attend?

You can schedule a 1:1 online meeting through your Industry Relationship Manager.

Event Days & Appointment Schedules

My event registration was approved. What do I do next?

We will be in touch shortly with further information on how to update your Supplier profile on the Supplier Portal. 

How many meeting diaries are there?

There is one meeting diary per Scottish Supplier.

How long is a meeting?

Every meeting is scheduled to last 12 minutes.

Can I show videos in my meeting?

For those that are meeting new contacts, you may find it helpful to bring a laptop or mobile device with you to support your pitch to the Buyer. Focusing on a personal 1:1 conversation will allow you to find out more about what the Buyer is looking for and answer any questions you or the Buyer may have. The event venue might also be quite noisy, which can impact video quality.

Can Suppliers meet someone from a Market Team?

Yes, Scottish Suppliers can request to speak to a market representative if need be. However, we recommend that Suppliers use their time at the event to maximise their meetings with Buyers. If you want to meet with someone from our market team, please reach out to the VisitScotland Connect 2024 Event Team and we can arrange this for you out with the live event.

Will you offer fam trips to Buyers and how can I take part in this?

Yes, as part of VisitScotland Connect 2024 a fam trip programme will be offered to eligible Buyers. You are welcome to note your interest in becoming a fam trip host as part of your event registration. Please note that due to the expected volume of businesses requesting to support a fam trip, logistics and timings, we are not able to guarantee that all businesses will be able to be visited by Buyers.

Will there be a networking dinner I can take part in?

Yes, as part of VisitScotland Connect 2024 there will be a market networking dinner offered for which tickets can be obtained at extra charge via your Supplier Portal. Tickets are charged at £100 +VAT per person and are non-refundable. 

How do I make an appointment?

Both Buyers and Scottish Suppliers can request appointments. Meeting diaries will open in February 2024 with instructions on how to request and accept meetings with Buyers shared in due course.

How many staff members can attend from one business?

Up to two staff members can attend from one business. You can register a second staff member via the Supplier Portal once your application to attend VisitScotland Connect 2024 has been approved.

How many meetings can I expect to receive?

This is dependent on your advanced planning and invitations to Buyers to meet. On average you could have 18-20 meetings a day. Meeting times before and after lunch and coffee breaks are for free flow appointments. During these times interested Buyers can drop in and meet with you on a first come first serve basis.

Please get in touch with the VisitScotland Connect 2024 Event Team if you need support in finding the right contacts when Meeting Diaries open in February 2024.

Can Suppliers meet with other Scottish-based businesses?

Scottish Suppliers can meet with other Suppliers throughout the event days. However, we recommend that Suppliers make use of available meeting slots to meet with Buyers and catch up with other Scottish-based businesses during coffee and lunch breaks.

Can Suppliers bring pop-up banners with them?

No, due to the logistics of the workshop format, Suppliers are not allowed to bring pop-ups with them.  If you do bring a pop-up along to the event you will be asked to remove it by our events team.

Will I be able to charge my electronic devices at the event venue?

Access to electric charging points needs to be contracted directly with the P&J Live Aberdeen and is charged at a rate of approx. £100 per day. More information on this will be shared in due course.