Caroline WArburton

Destination Development Director, VisitScotland

Breakout session: Events & the Visitor Economy

Caroline Warburton is VisitScotland’s Destination Development Director for the Central and North East region. Caroline manages a team of Regional Directors, Executives and Industry Relationship Managers who are collectively responsible for VisitScotland’s strategic engagement and partnership activities across the region which spans from Ayrshire in the West to Aberdeenshire in the North East. Caroline also has direct responsibility for Fife, Perthshire, Dundee and Angus and represents VisitScotland on a number of national issues including Scotland’s Towns Partnership and outdoor tourism. 

Caroline joined VisitScotland in April 2018 from the Scottish Tourism Alliance (STA) where she was responsible for coordinating Scotland’s first industry-led national tourism strategy, Tourism Scotland 2020. Prior to the STA, Caroline spent 10 years establishing and running Wild Scotland, Scotland’s wildlife and adventure tourism association which brought the sector together, developed the industry’s first responsible wildlife watching guidelines and established Scotland’s national and international profile as a wildlife-watching and adventure destination. 

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