This category opens Monday 18th March at 10:00am and closes Sunday 28th April at 23:59pm

This category celebrates businesses taking significant steps to improve and invest in the future of 21st century Scottish tourism. This award sets out to honour those driving forward positive change in innovative ways, and those creatively adapting in line with the changing landscape and consumer behaviour. Entrants should be finding new ways to provide exceptional experiences to visitors.

Who Should Enter:
This award is for any business operating within the tourism, hospitality and events industry championing innovation, whether that be in technology and digital, physical expansion, or investment in change.

Entry Questions

Executive Summary
The purpose of the Executive Summary is to give judges a general overview and better understanding of your business. Although not an exhaustive list, some examples of the type of information judges will be looking for are listed below. This question is not scored and is for background information only. 

  • Types of services on offer
  • Size and purpose of your business
  • How long you have been operating 
  • Any other information you feel is relevant


1. Please explain the driving reason and purpose behind your innovation, and the resulting outcomes and learnings.

Please use your best example(s) of innovation within the relevant time period, outlining why they are your best example(s). You should provide clear evidence of activity within the time period from 1st May 2023 – 31st March 2024. Please cover any areas you think are relevant although you may wish to include aspects such as:

  • If relating to an existing part of your business what is the new and innovative products/services/element to this
  • The identified gap in the customer experience/market — and identify how this differs from standard business activity or business as usual
  • How you have effectively adapted to change
  • How you have created and developed your unique selling point
  • Creative partnership working
  • Uniqueness of the innovation
  • Visitor or staff feedback systems

2. What actions are you currently undertaking to develop your business or innovation? What do you hope to achieve and how are you measuring success?  

You should provide clear evidence of current developments and how benefits will be monitored / measured, eg. through feedback, increased revenue, target market statistics. Please cover any areas you think are relevant although you may wish to include aspects such as:

  • Plans for new and innovative products/services
  • New collaboration and/or partnership working
  • Intentionally targeting new markets or increasing occupancy rates
  • Obtaining an external assessment of quality and experience (eg awards schemes, customer ratings)


3. Please demonstrate your business/project’s commitment to Responsible Tourism.

In line with the Outlook 2030 strategy’s ambition for sustainable and responsible growth, it is important that the tourism and events industry in Scotland continues to develop in a responsible way.  Please cover any of the four priority areas of Responsible Tourism where relevant, but you may wish to highlight:

  1. Supporting Scotland’s transition to a low carbon economy
    E.g. Promote sustainable practices undertaken in your business, eg. reducing waste from packaging, reducing food waste, increasing energy efficiency

  2. Ensuring tourism and events in Scotland are inclusive
    E.g. providing for guests with access requirements; catering to visitors with various dietary preferences; autism/dementia friendly options; relevant staff training

  3. Ensuring tourism and events contribute to thriving communities
    E.g. use and promotion of local products and services, working with local businesses, hiring local staff. How you have engaged with local communities to inform the development and/or delivery of your activity?

  4. Supporting the protection and considerate enjoyment of Scotland’s natural and cultural heritage
    E.g. promoting the local area, including nearby businesses and attractions; delivery of any relevant events that promote Scottish culture and nature, sharing the history of your business, community and local area



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