This category opens Monday 18th March at 10:00am and closes Sunday 28th April at 23:59pm

Our ambition for Scottish Tourism is to make tourism physically and financially accessible to everyone.  This award celebrates a business, who has a developed an outstanding welcome for all customers, who provides accessible facilities which can enjoyed by all customers.

Some examples of inclusive practices would include:

  • An ongoing commitment to training frontline staff in equality and disability awareness
  • Providing facilities and services designed for different customer groups or a specific customer group e.g., autism or dementia friendly tours or accommodation which is accessible to wheelchair users, services for deaf or for the hard of hearing, braille signage etc.
  • Social tourism activity which offers opportunities for low-income families or young disadvantaged adults to participate in Scottish tourism.

Who Should Enter:
This award is for any tourism businesses who set the standard for inclusive tourism practices and can serve as an example to the tourism industry, by emphasising their inclusion ethos, who demonstrates a commitment to serving the market and providing excellent customer service. 

Entry Questions

Executive Summary
The purpose of the Executive Summary is to give judges a general overview and better understanding of your business. Although not an exhaustive list, some examples of the type of information judges will be looking for are listed below. This question is not scored and is for background information only. 

  • Types of services on offer
  • Size and purpose of your business
  • How long you have been operating 
  • Any other information you feel is relevant


1. Please provide details of your inclusive tourism practice or programme.

You should provide evidence of activity within the time period 1st May 2023 – 31st March 2024. Please cover any areas you think are relevant, for example you may wish to include aspects such as:

  • What you’ve done to make your product or service accessible, available to everyone
  • What is the customer service experience and enhancement?
  • How you have created and developed your product or service
  • Creative partnership working or innovative ways of working with your local community
  • How you ensure inclusive recruitment practices
  • Uniqueness of the product or service
  • Ways in which you have expanded your engagement with inclusive tourism customers
  • What steps do you take to promote your accessibility facilities and services e.g. do you provide appropriate accessibility information online, how are these facilities being marketed, are you using social media/ or influencers?


2. What have been the outcomes/results of your inclusive tourism activity on your visitor experience, as well as any learnings you’ve gained so far?

You should provide evidence of the impact of your activity on your business and visitor experience, within the time period 1st May 2023 – 31st March 2024. Cover any areas you think are relevant, for example you may wish to include aspects such as:

  • Training/development of team to enhance customer experience
  • How you have Improved the customer experience/journey
  • Have you achieved what you set out to do?
  • Increased turnover and/or increased repeat business
  • Are you using any specific technologies or apps to support disabled people to engage with your business?
  • Audience/Visitor growth
  • Other awards / external verification
  • Evidence from review sites e.g. TripAdvisor or Euans Guide
  • Are you having conversations with the target audience to encourage feedback and continual improvement?


3. What actions are you currently undertaking to develop your business? What do you hope to achieve and how are you measuring success?  

You should provide clear evidence of current developments and how benefits will be monitored / measured, eg. through guest feedback, increased revenue, target market statistics. Please cover any areas you think are relevant although you may wish to include aspects such as:

  • Plans for new and innovative products/services
  • New collaboration and/or partnership working
  • Intentionally targeting new markets or increasing occupancy rates
  • Obtaining an external assessment of quality and experience (eg awards schemes, customer ratings



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